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30 Sep

Feel the fear and do it anyway


In Africa the sun shines all day. Every day. Great you might think. Not for everyone. Albino children and adults have no pigment to protect them from the sun. Renate van Schutterhoef and Glenn Debusschere, owners at Studio Vitafit in Wassenaar, are going to cycle on October 7 for one week to raise money for Project Albino in Kenia.

Albinos in Africa are outcast and are discriminated.  People think they cause bad luck because of their white skin and yellow hair. They are very vulnerable to damaging UV radiation causing skin cancer, blindness and other diseases. Many children do not survive childhood, because they are abadoned by their parents.

Project Albino aims to help this group integrate in Kenian Society. Renate and Glenn are about to fly off to Dar es Salaam in Tanzania from where they will ride to Mombasa in Kenia. As the date nears Renate feels the fear of flying to a continent currently plagued by terrorism. Glenn said that this really is a stretch for them. Cycling in unknown and rural Africa. ‘We feel the fear and do it anyway’. Cycling is this couple’s love and favorite sport. Now they have a chance to contribute to a worthy cause. ‘It’s really heartbreaking to see how these albinos are treated. Hopefully we can make a small difference’.

Glenn and Renate started a fundraising campaign. It is organised by Verkaart Development Team (VDT). This is an approved foundation that makes sure 100% of all donations is allocated to the charity it self on the ground. They hope that the inhabitants of Wassenaar can help them make a difference at Please select ‘Event 2016’, Fietsen voor Kenya. 

30-09-2016 14:28

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